Yasemin Eskiyapan Kurtaran

Born and raised in Istanbul, a city of multiple cultures, history, beauty and chaos at the same time.


Former training consultant and office furniture store owner.

Business management and Interior design degree holder.

Enjoyed being a part-time teaching assistant in Istanbul.  

A mother of two who has learned to juggle between studies, work and home.


Now a fresh Londoner, embracing the city's beauties though the eyes of a designer.

A traveller and an observer, an enthusiast about learning. 

A believer in 'Learning never exhausts the mind' 

Always open to challenges, new experiences with curiosity and energy

Devoted to design


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"When the world is facing environmental issues like sustainability, over consumption, waste and climate change. I couldn’t have turned a blind eye to all those concerns. 


Moving to London had a huge impact in my life. Having downsized to almost half of our belongings made me rethink about ownership, materialism and perception of space all over again.


Interior Design can not only be about discarding the old and purchasing the new as the conventional way imposes. With minimalism, decluttering and reuse in mind, your spaces can be redesigned with a controversial approach."