DD41 Interior Design Services

DD 41 Interior Design is based in Twickenham and offers services in and around Richmond and Wimbledon areas with different scale and time range:

Consumer based Projects:


Interior Makeover:

If your are selling or renting your property, whole space needs an alluring style for the buyer or the tenant. Superior presentations increases your properties market price. DD41 helps you style up your property with existing or by hiring new contemporary furniture.

Accessorizing - Styling:

Adding a finishing touch to your existing or new home is the key feature in feeling your space as your "home". DD41 consults in selection of new accessories in order to style up your space to a more chic and modern look. 

Colour Consulting:

Dreaming or planning a makeover in your living space and you don't know where to start, DD41 offers colour consulting with 3D drawings and colour palette choices of your taste. Visualising the change is the essential start point for the desired finish.

Interior Design - Renovation and Refurbishment - Services:

With CAD and 3D drawings, DD41 offers a full interior design service with professional, prompt service based on customer need, aiming for maximum satisfaction.  

Corporate Based Projects:

Interior Design Services:​

For offices and retail spaces, DD41 offers interior design services taking into account both the employees' and the customers' needs.

Concept Spaces Design:​

Prestigious, elegant and impressive concept design for trade fairs, marketing events, sales corners and exhibitions. DD41 believes that the experience is the fundamental element in establishing the buying habit.