Refurbishment in Etiler İstanbul

A 135 m2 net apartment flat

In a 3 detached apartment building

On the main road

Close to public transport

(Boğaziçi University metro line and bus stop)

One parking lot at the back yard

Partial Bosporus view


2 bathrooms

1 storage room

1 Balcony

The flat was almost untouched by the landlord

for 40 years when it was built.

The WC and the bathroom and the kitchen were out-dated.

A big cleansing was done in the flat.

New and revised layout brought out

2 bathrooms, an en-suit bathroom and a common bathroom

(instead of a WC and a bathroom)

a storage room big enough to fit an extra bed,

a kitchen designed for more effective use of kitchen work.

Ceramic tile work has been completed all around the hallways, bathrooms

kitchen and the balcony, with a clean and refined choice of material.