Geo-box - Information Box - Concept Project

An Information Box in the heart of Edirne, one of the capitals of the Ottoman Empire, the city of the great mosque, Selimiye.


Edirne treasures both Architect Mimar Sinan's most spectacular mosque Selimiye, built in 1574 and as being the hometown of one of the greatest sculptures in the modern Turkish Republic, Ilhan Koman. 


The Geo-box, positioned right in front of the Arasta-the shopping arcade- of the Selimiye Mosque has a duty to introduce the connections between Mimar Sinan's masterpiece and Ilhan Koman's masterpieces around the country both to the local public and the visitors of the city.


The visitors of the Geo-Box also experiences interactive screen, geometrical games within the information center



GeoBox City Positioning
GeoBox Perspective
GeoBox Side Views
GeoBox Plan Section
GeoBox A-A Section
GeoBox A B Detail
GeoBox Framework Plan
GeoBox Framwork Details