Transition from

-a- house to -my- home


DD41 Interior Design offers Decluttering Services in three areas:


General Declutter

We all have busy lives and your house might be in an overwhelming situation where you don’t know where to start. Just like hiring a professional for the areas that you can’t fix on your own (plumbing, gardening, etc.), it is totally normal to hire a Personal Organiser for decluttering specifically a single room or a whole house.


Home Styling

Usually after Decluttering Services, addition needs might occur. Sometimes a new layout can be introduced to a room, or a new bespoke unit needs to be designed. Working with an Interior Designer + Personal Organiser is an advantage to our clients in this sense. However, please keep in mind that I tend to consciously and sustainably consume on any project I handle.


Moving Home and Renovations

If you are considering renovations or moving to a new house, it is best to declutter before you take action. I can help you pack and/or unpack in this long and stressful process where in the end, you feel refreshed and lighter at your comfortable home.